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Breaking BarriersWellness & Counseling

Mental Health Care in North Carolina

Our purpose is help clients live healthy, fulfilling lives. No matter what challenges arise, that firmly believe are everyone deserves, to live best life. At Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling, their dedicate ourselves to communities that serves by providing mental health services in these Raleigh, North Carolina, for guidance and care to clients.

We are led by seasoned team with than extensive knowledge and experience in mentals health care services. Everyone of us is here to listen and here to help you.


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Services We Provide

We strive to provide the highest quality of mental health and substance abuse services in the state of North Carolina. [ View More » ]

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Individual Therapy

Focused on challenging and changing negative patterns of thinking or behavior.

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Group Therapy

Helps people explore and resolve ambivalent insecurities and feelings.

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Discover other ways that we can help you.

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Mission StatementYou Are Our Focus

To provide an excellent quality of mental health care services that will stabilize and positively modify individuals and families holistically…

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Treatment begins with a confidential assessment by a qualified mental health professional. Use our online form to schedule an assessment at your convenience. [ Click Here » ]

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Meet the dedicated and passionate individuals that make up the Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling team. Together, they are the single best asset that we have. [ Click Here » ]