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Confronting the Mental Health Stigma in the Black Community

Confronting the Mental Health Stigma in the Black Community

There is a negative stigma surrounding mental health existing in the black community. Instead of seeking help from a mental health counselor for conditions like anxiety, PTSD, and depression, many resort to self-medication, drug abuse, or isolation. This existing issue of masking one’s pain is especially rampant among black men who have been brought up in a society that believed “men are not supposed to cry” and that “men should deal with their problems on their own.”

According to surveys, there have been 6.8 million black Americans who had been diagnosed with mental illness for this year alone. By continuing to ignore this social issue surrounding mental health for African Americans, we may very well be robbing another generation access to counseling and mental health care in North Carolina.

Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling is dedicated to providing members of the community with a top-quality mental health service in Raleigh, North Carolina. We believe that everyone deserves a happy, healthy life, and that includes trusted mental health resources.

There is no need for you to be alone with your pain.

Contact us to make an appointment with our African American therapist.

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