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Low Self-Esteem in Teenagers

Low Self-Esteem in Teenagers

It is normal for any teenage to lack confidence every now and then, however, people with self-esteem issues tend to have a different way of seeing things.

Low self-esteem, especially for younger people, can be particularly difficult. This is because most of them are still looking for safe places to ground themselves, form trustworthy friendships and connections.

Equipping your child with positive self-esteem is important as it gives them the confidence to try out new things, take healthy and well-calculated risks of their own accord, and solve problems with complete trust in their own capabilities. This, in turn, sets them up for a more healthy and positive future. A teenager with healthy self-esteem will more likely display the following positive behaviors:

  • Independence and maturity.
  • Taking pride in their own accomplishments/achievements.
  • Accepting frustration and responsibly dealing with it.
  • Trying out new things.
  • Helping others when they have the time and space.

Providers of Mental Health Care in North Carolina encourage parents to take special care of their children’s mental well-being.

If you think your child needs special help from a Mental Health Counselor, Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling is the place for you. And as it is important for us that our patients feel comfortable in our care, we also offer programs conducted by African American therapists.

For more information about our Mental Health Service in Raleigh, North Carolina, contact us here.

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