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Spotting Suicidal Warning Signs on Social Media

Spotting Suicidal Warning Signs on Social Media

One of the most challenging things about helping somebody with a mental health condition is recognizing whether their social media activity indicates suicidal intent or not. With one too many people using social media like online diaries, it can be difficult to differentiate normal sadness from disconcerting depression.

According to Mental Health Counselor Victor Schwartz, by keeping an eye out for these following signs might just help you save a loved one.

  • Change in Their Tone
    We all have unique online personalities and you may likely be familiar with the tone of your friend or loved one. Watch out for things that feel different from the person’s usual content.
  • Irritability, Anger, and Violence
    The use of language that indicates any of the mentioned emotions above may suggest someone needs Mental Health Care in North Carolina. Of course, a rant or two alone is not much of a serious issue, but if your notice things are getting out of line, call a professional and have your loved ones checked.
  • Posting Sad Posts at Unusual Hours
    If a person has made a habit of posting things late at night or in the early hours of the morning, this may be a sign of insomnia that could be related to depression or other mental health issues.

Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling is a dedicated and trust provider of Mental Health Service in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you believe your loved one’s social media activity indicates they are in need of mental health support, make the first step and contact us here.

Call now to set up an appointment.

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