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How You Can Help a Friend in Need

How You Can Help a Friend in Need

One of the most hard-hitting things a person can experience is hearing a friend or family member tell them they want to die. And while it can be tempting to write it off as attention-seeking, it is important to take all warning signs and suicidal ideation seriously.

Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling is here to provide you with a number of different things you can do to be a supportive and empathetic friend.

  • Show Them You Care, Speak From the Heart

    There can be no right or wrong things you can say if you speak out of love and concern. Show your loved ones that you care by talking to them, holding them while they cry, or giving them whatever else they need to feel safe. Referring them to a Mental Health Counselor is also a great way to help them cope with how they feel.

  • Listen, Validate, Show Openness, and Keep them Talking

    A person who is suicidal often carries an undisclosed burden around that they feel they can’t handle anymore. Offer to listen to them vent. Be sympathetic and don’t judge them for how their thoughts. Hearing them out without judgment also encourages them to speak longer, reducing the emotional burden they are carrying.

As a provider of Mental Health Care in North Carolina we understand that our clients have different needs and therefore require different programs to answer specific issues. Contact us today to make an appointment and we can talk over the details of your care.

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