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What Black Panther Is Doing for the Mental Health of African Americans

What Blank Panther Is Doing for the Mental Health of African Americans

“Representation affects people’s identity.” – Dr. Ruth Shim, Director of Cultural Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California, Davis.

Depression is more likely felt by most African Americans compared to Caucasians due to economic deprivation. As such, only a few African Americans diagnosed with depression can gain access to professional help from a Mental Health Counselor

A shortage of Mental Health Care in North Carolina, the lack of black counselors to help people in the black community, and the absence of positive representation of African Americans are all factors that contribute to this disparity.

We are all aware that self-image and perception are important to a person’s mental health, and both elements are developed at a young age. That’s why movies like Black Panther put the black community into a less sinister and more lighthearted light are so critical when it comes to closing the mental health gap in communities of color.

Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling a devoted and trustworthy provider of Mental Health Service in Raleigh, North Carolina is encouraging everyone to support their friends who suffer from an unstable mental health condition. You don’t have to be a celebrity for you to make a difference! Make your effort by cooperating with us. Contact us today for more information!

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