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What Can Cause Emotional and Psychological Trauma?

What Can Cause Emotional and Psychological Trauma?

Living with emotional and psychological trauma can make you feel helpless and can leave you struggling with emotions that don’t seem to go away. As a result, you feel disconnected and unable to trust other people.

Part of dealing with these feelings and recovering from your trauma is identifying what caused it in the first place. While your local mental health counselor can help hasten the way you recognize these causes, the process must begin inward.

Thus, as a provider of mental health care in North Carolina, we at Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling are listing down some of the potential causes of your trauma:

  • Sudden, one-time events
    These refer to accidents, injuries, and/or violent attacks in your childhood.
  • Ongoing, increasing stress
    These include being in an abusive environment (e.g., bullying, domestic violence, and/or childhood neglect) or in a dangerous environment (crime- or drug-ridden neighborhoods) and battling a chronic illness, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, among others.
  • Common overlooked causes
    These are events that don’t seem to be that of a big deal but leave lasting effects or those that can be brushed of as something that is “a part of life” such as the sudden death of someone close or even a pet, a breakup, a humiliating experience, surgery, etc.

We want to make sure our mental health service in Raleigh, North Carolina can truly help you. So, please don’t hesitate to ask our African-American counselor for assistance.

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