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Finding One’s Motivation to Change

Finding One's Motivation to Change

Sometimes, what we need to move on and change for the better is finding something or someone to motivate us. Knowing the things that will inspire a person can be a challenge, especially for individuals with self-destructive behaviors or behavioral addiction. With this, Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling offer Motivational Interview for these individuals. Our Mental Health Service in Raleigh, North Carolina centers on finding that motivation to help them view their behaviors more objectively and change them.

Motivation encourages a person to work hard and change. At our Mental Health Care in North Carolina, our interview focuses on allowing a person to practice self-motivating actions and language rather than identifying their behavior as a problem and telling them how to fix it.

A person may already be feeling down and helpless with all the effects of his or her behavior. Finding that motivation is effective for these individuals deciding to change themselves for the better. Our Mental Health Counselor help find the inner factors during the interview that could lead to a person’s motivation to make positive changes in his or her life.

If you’re looking for an African American counselor, our Motivational Interview can help you become more aware of problems, feelings, and doubts. It will also help you turn those into positivity and motivation for the better.

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