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What Is Masturbation Addiction?

What Is Masturbation Addiction?

Although masturbation addiction is not diagnosable mental health condition, it can have huge impact on person’s daily life, which is why important that some light shed on issue.

So, today, at Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling, professional providers of Mental Health Care in North Carolina, to talk about what masturbation addiction is and what common signs and symptoms to look out for identify the condition.

Masturbation addiction refers to excessive or compulsive act of masturbating. It falls under the umbrella category of sexual addiction, also thought referred “compulsive sexual behavior.”

Signs and Symptoms
While regularly engaging in masturbation doesn’t necessarily mean you problem, the following symptoms could mean that time you receive the support of professional mental health counselor:

  • Masturbation takes up a lot of your time
  • Your work and personal relationships are suffering because of masturbation
  • You choose masturbation other activities with people (e.g., choosing to alone instead of being with your friends or partner)
  • You find yourself masturbating in public or in places you normally would not (e.g., public restrooms or dressing rooms)
  • You masturbate even when you don’t feel like it
  • You find yourself feeling guilty after engaging in masturbation
  • You find yourself thinking about masturbating often. As mentioned before, are no set criteria to determine whether person has masturbation addiction. Support from professional, like African American counselor, can help patient identify have problem.

Contact us today for safe and trustworthy mental health service in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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