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How Therapy Can Help You With Self-Esteem Issues

 How Therapy Can Help You With Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem refers to the opinion we have of ourselves. This is based on past experiences and beliefs we have about ourselves. Having low self-esteem means that you struggle to value yourself. According to counseling directory, this can affect your daily life in little ways such as having a tough time believing in yourself or huge ways such as depression, self-harm, and eating disorders.

As a provider of mental health care in North Carolina we often deal with patients who have self-esteem issues and try to help them before bigger mental health concerns arise.

Usually, your mental health counselor will help you pinpoint which events in your life brought about your self-esteem issues. Life events such as experiencing abuse, relationship problems, and body image worries are some of the common causes of self-esteem issues. This is especially true if you experienced these events in your childhood or still live with these to this day.

Our African American counselor could then help you understand where your negative opinions about yourself come from, how you can challenge these limiting beliefs, and how you can let go of the self-blame that comes with these negative thoughts.

However, keep in mind that there is no need to put too much pressure on yourself. Building up your self-esteem can be a long process. Small steps can lead to bigger changes.

In need of Mental Health Service in Raleigh, North Carolina? We at Breaking Barriers Wellness & Counseling can help you. We treat various mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and others.

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